Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day turns into Knight

Being a resident of Karachi most of my life, one thing that has always been a highlight is loadshedding. It is a phenomenon that is very much a part of Karachi. The reason I say this is that after going to Islamabad, and spending time there, electricity only goes out for an hour. In fact if there is a day there is no loadshedding, it seems like there is something wrong. Karachi is quite ironically nicknamed the city of lights. I would say its the city of nights!

However, those of us not blessed with generators, can continue to enjoy the immense pleasure loadshedding gives us. It actually gives us bonding time with family and friends under candle light! and what a great time to give your special someone a candle light dinner. Also, its an awesome excuse to venture out of the house and check out the bright lights of the big city, if there are any not affected by the loadshedding. The best part is, one can vent their frustrations to the KESC engineers. Loadshedding is a blessing in disguise, no wonder the city government does not want to solve the power problems. Being in the US at the moment, I always look forward to loadshedding when I visit Karachi. I miss it in the US. I was surprised to see the power go out during a snow storm in DC, and I felt I was teleported Star Trek style to Karachi!

On a serious note, I feel that the KESC has been trying hard to improve the power issues. Hey you thought I was not serious above :) haha. I could be wrong but my friends in Karachi can enlighten me of the situation. I would say the gas generator should be every Karachi-ite's best friend, and why not get into that business when one is there. As long as there is loadshedding, its a profitable venture. I am sure there is some lobbying going on in KESC by generator providers! Will we miss loadshedding when the power problem is solved? I hope not!



  1. 11 hours of load shedding in Kathmandu right now. Not too bad actually cause you get to be more productive with your time and peel away from the Idiot box. Although I do miss some football games.
    In Pokhara, another benefit of loadshedding is being able to see the stars at night.

  2. Interesting. I admit it makes us realize how finite our resources are and we should try to conserve our energy. That is the only way loadshedding can be reduced. I am glad loadshedding does make you admire some of the beauty of the night sky. I should try that the next time load is shed in Karachi.


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