Saturday, February 27, 2010

Introducing the Mc-Chola

I love globalization! dont you? its really a McDonalds world out there. It is surprising not to see a McDonalds sign at any airport. Like it or not, the world loves its Big Mac! The world is "lovin it". McDonalds in Pakistan has truly devoured the desi culture. In the USA,McDonalds is at every street corner and frankly no one cares if another one will open in another part of the city. In Pakistan, McDonalds is like the Queen of England coming in town. Its amazing how people actually dress up to go to McDonalds and many times I have actually been served! talk about fast food and self service. What can I say? Us Pakistanis love being spoilt. McDonalds is very much Pakistani now, with the invent of Mc Kofta gyros, and even our own desi style drive thru at the Sea View. I remember when it first started there were no radios, just guys waiting to take your order. It was a revolution! Also the most amazing phenomenon is that when McDonalds launched their first branch in Nazimabad, Karachi in the late 90s, there were about 3000 people standing in line to have their first ever Big Mac! I have never seen such crowds at a new opening anywhere in the USA. I had an idea with friends that I joked about,and it was introducing the best Pakistani snack delight Mickey Ds style. I introduce you to McChola. (For my non- desi friends, cholas are chickpeas served with spices and gravy, and its available at all places that serve chaat, which is like a mixed broth of chickpeas and other tasty delights). Its better than your local thela wala cholas or the one you have at Gazebo in Karachi! why you ask? Because it is by the golden arched M, which says "I'm lovin it", which means we all love it, or have to, since we love everything starting with a Mc! Imagine how popular Mc Cholas would be internationally. You could be at an airport in Frankfurt and ordering Mc Cholas. Yummy! So, keep a look out. The Mc Chola may be coming to a Mickey Ds near you or on your next international trip!



  1. I hope McDonald's and other fast food giants never come to Nepal. It was a sad day when a fried chicken chain came to Kathmandu in December. Hope it runs out of business soon.

  2. Haha. Why Sajal? Are you talking of KFC? Actually in Pakistan, KFC is rather good compared to the US original. In fact all fast food tastes better at home, but I would leave the cholas, chaats and koftas to the local chains! In fact I dont know if you knew this, long before McDonalds, there was Mr. Burger in Karachi, and I remember going there frequently on weekends with family. The burgers were great until only recently my stomach got upset the day I had Mr. Burger last summer in Karachi. Back in the day, Mr. Burger was definitely finger lickin' good!


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