Friday, February 26, 2010


Rock n roll has always been a passion of mine. from growing up listening to MJ, Roxette and Def Leppard and graduating to alternate rock of the 90s, I have been exposed to all styles of music. However, some things just stick with you and the 80s have. I cant help it, but the music is timeless. some may beg to disagree, but i am ready to debate on it.

To put it to the test, a friend and I, both disc jockeys in college, did a special in which we put our favorite genres to battle. DJ De Marco, as he was known, chose 90s grunge/alternate rock, while I chose 80s metal ranging from Motley Crue, ACDC, Metallica to GNR and Skid Row. We put our tunes to the test. we had insane calls requesting all sorts of songs from both genres.I still remember, how my comment on Pearl Jam was taken personally by one caller. Interesting how music can become a part of someone. Anyways, in both our minds, we won, I would say that music is relative, as my friend Ali Shah always told me, so to each his own. In the end I would like to say rock on baby! till the next post, cya!


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