Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pakistanis can be funny too!

So, you think we can't be funny? The past few months or so, I have been checking out many comedians from the land of the pure and honestly speaking, this new generation of comedians are awesome. These guys have boldly gone where no comedian has gone before. These guys have cracked me up so much, that I think if every one of us start being as funny, Pakistan would become Funny-istan, meaning land of the funnies. There is no doubt that the past few decades, Pakistan has produced many comedians, whose sharp tongue and wit have scored laughs by generations of Pakistanis home and abroad. Honorable mentions go out to Anwar Maqsoon, Moin Akhtar, Bushra Ansari, Hanif Raja and incomparable Omer Sharif. Moin Akhtar and Anwar Maqsood, since the 80s have been the funniest pair on television I have ever seen. Long before Loose Talk, they parodied serious talk shows, with Anwar Maqsood playing the serious host, while Moin would parody politicians, cricketers, Mullahs, and sterotypes of various ethnicities. Moin Akhtar himself played a great role of a man dressed up as a woman, trying to emulate Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, and did it so well. That show was known as Rosie.

My latest post is on the latest generation of comedians in Pakistan. These guys have used the latest technologies of Youtube and made their way to homes all over the world. Some of the best comedians I have come across are Saad Haroon and his partner in crime Danish Ali, of Real News and Black Fish fame. Black Fish was the first ever improvisational comedy troupe started by Saad Haroon, who is also my namesake. The Real News was the Pakistani version of John Stewart's Daily Show, parodying a Pakistani news show, focusing on satirical views on the latest news in the world and issues touching every Pakistani. Another person I have been lately impressed with is Sami Shah. I knew Sami back when I was a student at Foundation Public School. He was a few years senior to me, and since then he had the knack for intelligent comedy. He later became famous as the host of News Weakly on Pakistan's Dawn News channel, and has been doing many stand up routines all over Pakistan. His blog is on my blog list as well. I give kudos to these guys for being bold and brave to talk about today's issues in a comedic fashion, and doing it very well. Here's the hope that these guys carry on the good work, and keep the laughs coming, because as we all know, we all need a smile once a while in our chaotic world. Honestly, more than an apple, a smile a day keeps the doctor away. No wonder why it has been said that laughter is the best medicine.


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