Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knight Memories

I remember I was only ten years old when the 1992 World Cup was on. I remember everyone being glued to their television sets. This was going to be skipper Imran Khan's last world cup. He wanted to go out with a bang. This was the tournament that gave our team of eleven future national heroes the "cornered tigers". Imran Khan was known to lead from the front. He had the intelligence, charisma and leadership to take his men to the top. It was his vision and determination that would take us to the final. I remember watching the semi final against New Zealand and the classic final against England. We all had goosebumps. My mom was praying so hard for our victory. before that day, I did not know what it meant to be Pakistani. There was a time in the final, when we thought the English were going strong, until a trailblazer came in the form of the great sultan of swing, Wasim Akram. Akram took out Lamb and Lewis in quick succession. It was Imran's brilliant captaincy that made the decision to bring Akram at this time.It seemed like he knew it all along. It was when Ramiz Raja took that catch which sealed the deal, I was all green and white. The entire nation rejoiced, it was possibly one of the biggest moments of my life. I remember jumping on the bed, when we won the cup. My mother had tears of joy. Imran Khan's smile just said it: he knew his destiny all along. The cornered tigers roared and destroyed the union jacks. It was that day my country was on top of the world. In front of 87000 people, we won the cricket world cup. If that does not make you feel proud of your country, I wonder what does. It is unfortunate, that until today this is the one and only time we came on top of the world. We got very close in 1999 under Wasim Akram's leadership. It was Akram's dream to emulate the lion Imran Khan. We lost a poorly contested final, but we realized there will be another day.

Even though we have won the 20/20 world cup in recent years, and that brought back memories of 1992, that day can never be replaced in history. Imran's cornered tigers are a symbol of determination of the spirit of Pakistan and its citizens to have courage in the face of any challenge, big or small. With good leadership and teamwork, the cornered tiger, our country Pakistan, will rise to be one of the greatest nations in the world Godwilling one day. Back to cricket, that day in 1992 is perhaps one of my greatest childhood memories ever, and it will be remembered forever by all Pakistani cricket fans alike who witnessed that day and rejoiced in celebration and we still do celebrate the memory of that day every time the new world cup rolls around, 1992 will always be special for the cornered tigers, the crystal trophy, the heroics of Wasim, Inzi and company and the brilliant leadership of Imran Khan. I hope that next year, we can try to relive the greatness of 1992 once again or at least try to. Here's to the future: game on!



  1. Bizzare timing on this one because the only world cup relevant this month is the FIFA World Cup.

  2. This was a post written two months ago. I had just finished now, and published it since I had not published anything on the blog since March. interesting observation nonetheless. I was thinking the same thing when I was finishing this post!


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