Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Will Liverpool test the European Champions?

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I have to admit one thing.  As a Liverpool fan, I get goosebumps every time I think about the Reds taking on the European Champions Real Madrid and especially away at the Santiago Bernabeu. We lost 3-0 last time at home in an inspiring performance from Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema.

This one match I do not have much expectations. As Brendan Rodgers so eloquently put it in a post match interview after our recent loss to Newcastle over the weekend, “there is no formula”. We are without Daniel Sturridge and missing Luis Suarez who now plays for Barcelona. We just need to find a way to use our players and win.

What will happen tonight? Liverpool will likely lose. Mario Balotelli is horrible and should be sold off in January. I don’t want this to be a match preview. There are tons available and I feel that I should speak here as a Liverpool fan. I am not ashamed to admit we have lost our edge. We lost it when Fernando Torres left in January 2011 and we are feeling it after losing Suarez.

Super Mario will have to prove himself in this match if he wants a regular place. Whenever Sturridge does return, I hope Balotelli isn’t in the starting eleven. Ronaldo, Benzema and the returning Gareth Bale will really be in top form at home.

Where does our strength lie? It lies in the fans. It lies in all of the Kop who sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Will we test perhaps the best team in Europe? Rodgers claims they are probably the best now according to BBC Sport. Steven Gerrard has to rally the troops. We need to be our best against the best. There are no excuses. Rodgers says that we want a good result and not rely on the other games to qualify out of the group stages in the UEFA Champions League. He is right that we have every chance to go through. I feel that we should not take this game as a write-off.

If we lose, we make sure every minute on the pitch, we show the Los Blancos no fear and make them work hard for every goal and at the same time take the game to them! Go Reds, may you never walk alone, because we will be singing with you all the way to victory lane!


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