Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Love Letter to Karachi (Guest Post)

Name:                                                  Areesa Sama
Father Name:                                    Muhammad Jaweed Sama
Name of School:                              Akbar public school

A Love Letter to Karachi
Dear lovely people of Karachi,

                My lovely citizens of Karachi! I want to say something to you and you must know how much I love you all and Karachi. Karachi is our city and we have full freedom of everything and we also have the liberty to go to markets and for outings. You all also know we have religious festivals of different religions such as Eid, Diwali, and Christmas etc. And we should spread peace and tolerance in this loving city and country. For our own sake and freedom, we must spread positivity.

Our city is blessed with many choices for enjoyment and for outings such as the seaside, parks, and zoo. Karachi has the biggest steel mill and it was the backbone of economy of Pakistan, but at some point we fell into some difficulties. Our city is suffering from many problems. One of these problems is the menace of terrorism. If we want to solve our problems, we will have to follow these rules, which I would like to share with you all. We can defeat our problems if we aim to spread peace in this country and follow these rules:
  • Don’t make rubbish and just make the city clean.
  • Don’t fight with others
  • Speak politely
  • Use kind language
  • Do not hurt any person and punish the felons
  • Accept people as they are
  • Spread freedom and tolerance
  • Make biggest get together
  • Love everyone
  • Don’t break the laws and customs of your society
  • Respect teachers, elders, and also you should help others.

We should do these things to make our city helpful, peaceful, and progressive. We should always thank the Lord that He has given us a good city and for making us humans. If we follow these mentioned rules, our city will become peaceful. I love my city and its people a lot.

Loving citizen of Karachi

Aneesa Sama


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