Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Be the Change You Want to See (Guest Post)

Name:                                     Areeba Ayub
Father Name:                         M. Ayub
Name of School:        Govt. Girls Comprehensive Higher Sec School

Be the Change You Want to See

Accept you, as you are
Believe in yourself and have fun
Cherish time together
Dream big dreams
Enrich comfort and delight
Follow up and follow through
Gratitude for life
Honor each other feelings
If I write to you
Just call to say, hello
Know when someone
Loves you through a letter
Multiply joys divide sorrows
Nurture each other
Overcome adversity together
Pick yourself up when you fall
Quickly forgive and make up
Remember your greatness
Smile, when they remember you
Thrive and share trust
Understand and just listen
Value time together
Walk side by side
Xperience ups and downs
Yearn to stay connected

Zoom time to love & laugh.


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