Tuesday, February 28, 2017

There is A Battle between Two Wolves; Despair and Hope. The Question is Which Wolf Wins? The One You Feed (Guest Post)

Name:                                     Ashjan Khan
Father Name:                         M. Umar Khan
Name of School:                    Shaheed-e-Millat Govt. Degree College for Women

There is A Battle between Two Wolves; Despair and Hope. The Question is Which Wolf Wins? The One You Feed

Abeel’s point of view:

My palms were sweating, hands were trembling and the violent sobs were leaving my throat dry, which was making me cry harder. The view was really breathtaking. The edge of the cliff I was standing on was showing how beautiful my city was. If you haven’t guessed it yet; let me tell you that I was committing suicide. Why? Well, my mother left me on the stairs of an orphanage when I was a few days old.

I was seventeen years old, and since no one likes to adopt teenagers and when I turned eighteen the orphanage wouldn’t support me, I felt that there was no other option left for me. I felt that I was, am and will be on my own. I took a deep breath and opened my arms to welcome my end as I jumped, but someone grabbed my wrist and yanked me back. Obviously, losing my balance I fell on the ground besides the person who had just saved my life.

I opened my eyes to find a middle-aged man, probably in his mid-forties. I quickly got up, brushed the dirt off my clothes, and started to walk away. “Hey kid! Come back here!” He called out, but I started to walk faster. Of course, he caught up pretty fast and stood in front of me. Was he an Olympic marathon runner? He was looking at me like I had four heads.
“What were you doing?” he asked.

I wanted to yell at him that he should mind his own business but I started to cry and you won’t believe that he did let me cry.

“Feeling better?” he asked after I was done crying and I nodded, but he didn’t let me go. He and I sat on the nearest old, dusty bench. He asked the question I knew he would; Why, sad in such a beautiful life?” I didn’t lie a bit and told him everything. He just laughed after listening to my sad story; I looked at him with pure confusion. But then he asked me if I knew Kamal Hasan. I nodded and said yes I knew him. He smiled again and said “you know his name but do you know his story”? I told him that he has made a business empire on his own. The old man cut me off and said.
“Everyone knows it, but his real story is that his father had anger management issues and his mother left him because of that. When he was fifteen he realized that he was done with his life and his father was too cold to realize that. I still remember, he was standing there like you but before he could jump, he thought about the story of two wolves; despair and hope, which one was he going to feed? He decided to feed hope and turned away from despair. ”

I looked at him with hope and smiled “You see he didn’t give up”. The man said as he stood up. I quickly stood up too and said “I won’t give up too. I’m going to feed hope too”.

“What’s your name, child?” He asked patting my head.
“Abeel,” I said quickly.

He gave me a card and said. “When you turn eighteen give me a call”. With that he left and when I turned the card over, I guess it was my turn to laugh because the card had a name on it with a number and the name was:
“Kamal Hassan”



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