Microsoft’s Xbox One is in dire need of killer exclusives!

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It is rule of thumb in the gaming industry that the games, especially exclusive titles, make the console. When we talk of exclusives, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 had a ton. The Halo series, Forza Motorsport, Project Gotham Racing, and Gears of War are some of the franchises that cemented Microsoft as a major name in the cut-throat console industry. But what is going wrong for the latest Xbox One?

Once again, exclusive games pull in the hardcore gamers. This is a tried-and-tested strategy that has worked for the top names in the business. Each new console in the market needs to have those few unique titles that make it a ‘must-have’. Xbox One’s biggest exclusive so far is Electronic Arts’ futuristic first-person shooter Titanfall. If reports are led to be believed, Titanfall 2 is expected to release on PS4 also so the franchise will no longer be exclusive to Microsoft.

It is not to say that Microsoft did not work hard to make sure they launch their latest flagship machine with exclusives like Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5. That sounds like a decent launch line-up but it would have made a big difference if Titanfall was unleashed earlier.

According to Forbes, the launch titles were relatively weak and did not have much impact as expected. For example, Ryse: Son of Rome reportedly tried to follow the formula of Sony’s God of War hack-and-slash series, but unfortunately promised more and offered less despite the Kinect implementation. Developer Crytek is reportedly in financial trouble so the sequel to Ryse has been canceled.

So is there a way out for Microsoft? The solution lies in studying gaming history. What kept Nintendo alive till now? A cute and brave plumber called Mario! Despite Halo being synonymous with the Xbox name, there needs to be a mascot that the company can build a healthy franchise around. Master Chief has kept Microsoft relevant up till now, but a new strategy is desperately needed. A new Gears of War perhaps?


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