Is the PlayStation 4 totally worth owning now?

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In a span of a few months, Sony's PlayStation 4 will be celebrating its first anniversary. Upon launch, gamers would debate on either buying one or holding off for better titles. Is it fair to say that this could be the best time to jump into the new ‘current-gen’ hardware?

The reasons in favor of buying a PS4 now as opposed to launch are now more favorable. Sony’s latest flagship console has gotten through the launch kinks like the infamous ‘blue light of death’ that signaled death in brand new systems. Another advantage now is that the console is readily available. During the first few months of its November launch last year, you would be lucky to get your hands on one as pre-orders were filled before-hand and new stock would be flying off shelves.

Perhaps the best reason is that we have finally seen what this new awesome piece of silicon chips can do. It can play beautiful games. It even has ‘exclusives’. ‘Infamous: Second Son’ ranks as one of the best games to get for the PS4. The dual story-line, karma, and exciting powers are its selling points. Not to mention the graphics. There are other exclusives like ‘Knack’, ‘Killzone: Shadowfall’ and ‘Resogun’ that were part of the launch line-up.

One more thing to consider when deciding to jump into ‘current-gen’ machines: cross-generational titles like ‘Watchdogs’, ‘Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag’ and ‘FIFA 14’ look the best on the PlayStation 4. Graphical and game-play improvements are the order of the day especially in ‘FIFA 14’ that is powered by EA Sports ‘Ignite’ engine exclusive for the current-gen hardware. ‘The Order: 1886’ is a third-person shooter that, according to Gamespot, is an upcoming PS4 exclusive because the others do not meet its graphics needs.

If one can afford the PS4, then it is very well worth the asking price because it just opens a whole new world of possibilities. It may not have been worth picking one up on launch depending on your preference of the launch-lineups. Now with some good titles out and others on the way, it may be the best time to grab a PS4 and start building your games library. 


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