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Non-stop Tom Cruise: Edge of Tomorrow is a winner!

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Rating: 9/10

Tom Cruise has become a major action star since 1996’s Brian De Palma directed ‘Mission Impossible’. He has all the talents capable of an action hero: he has charm, charisma and guts. If you are looking for non-stop ‘Cruise Control’ then ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is your film.

It is probably the best film Cruise has starred in this year It has everything from acting, thrills, explosions and blood-thirsty aliens all in glorious 3D. The 3D effects really put you into the middle of the action. Cruise stars as Lt. Col. Bill Cage of the United Defense Force (UDF) who is forced into a mission to save the world while dying and re-living the same sequence repeatedly, executed brilliantly by director Doug Liman. The ‘Oblivion’ star literally goes through a cycle of ‘die, rinse, repeat’ in most of the film.

The sci-fi thriller does not get stale and the story moves with quick pace. There is no point in the film where the action slows down. There are some comic moments from Bill Paxton as Master Sergeant Farrell. The female lead Emily Blunt as Sergeant Rita ‘Full Metal Bitch’ Vrataski is a tough-as-nails soldier who teams up with Cruise to solve the mystery of his endless destruction.

The film would appeal to action video-game fans due to its heavy metal mech-armor wearing soldiers and infinite lives. This is one film deserving of a video-game port considering how far we have come with the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One especially with the slight resemblance to the Electronic Arts shooter ‘Battlefield 4’.

Cruise is in full control and seems to enjoy every scene he is in. It is one hell of a thrill ride that keeps you begging for more. At one point, the game…errr…movie does end…but it leaves you satisfied. 


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